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Logging into your router is the typical address used by most router manufacturers (with the exceptions described below).

Note that this address should be entered in the top window of the browser instead of the search box. Before entering the password, we recommend checking if the page address is identical to the one you are expecting. We recommend clicking on the address bar and checking the address. Entering login and password on unknown pages may lead to serious trouble.

Default password

If you’re looking for a default password for your router, you’ve come to the right place. When you go to, try the following passwords:

  • login: admin, password: admin (3Com, BenQ, Linksys, Sitecom, US Robots)
  • login: admin, password blank (D-link, Digicom)
  • login: empty, password empty (Belkin)
  • login: user, password: user (Thomson)

In practice, we recommend trying all possible combinations (both login and password) including:

  • empty value
  • admin
  • password
  • user

The most common passwords

If this does not help. Try using some of the most commonly used password hints. Maybe this is what has been set:

  • 123456
  • password
  • qwerty
  • 12345
  • abc123

You can also try your name or a loved one’s name, place of birth, place of residence or a frequently used word with a 1 suffix (john1, kate1) - or with a 0 or 01 suffix.

Router reset

In case none of the above works and you can’t access the router, consider resetting the password using the procedure described in your router’s manual. Keep in mind that this will most likely erase the settings stored in the router - in particular, the settings necessary for connecting to the Internet and the local network settings. Make sure you have a copy of these. If you don’t have them, get them before resetting the router.


It is very common for routers to have an admin login/password. We recommend that you change it. Otherwise, we can get into trouble and vital data can be stolen unnoticed. Always change the default router password. does not respond

If the message is not responding appears, we recommend using the router address lookup mechanism at the top of the page. Make sure beforehand that you are connected to a wifi network or connected by cable to a network with this router.

Terms of Service

The following page is used to help you log into your router. It provides instructions on what address the router has, what router password is set by default, and what the router configuration is. The material contained herein is intended as a guide, but should be done with caution. The authors of this site are not able to cover all cases. You use the materials contained herein at your own risk. We recommend that you contact your router manufacturer.

Regarding router address detection. This method uses the WebRTC service present in modern browsers to recognize the private IP address of your computer. The method used is documented and well known. However, it is debatable whether browsers should be able to obtain such information and may be disabled or changed in future releases of browsers. We recommend reading this thread before use. A method should only be used if you understand how it works and have read the source code of this site. We do not save your private IP address. However, we offer no guarantee. The user is responsible for the consequences of its use. If you are not sure how the method works - we recommend using the manual method and the addresses published on this site.

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